Radio Frequency Engineering

Constration body of IEEE

The IEEE stand are created by group of people that represent many different organizations, including academics, corporate bussiness, military, and the government. Because stadards set forth by the IEEE can have such an impact on the developments of technology, the standards can take many years to be created and agreed upon, althrough ratification of 802.11 standards seems to have accelerated greatly in the last few years, probably due to the extreme demand for 802.11 products.

Wireless LAN(Local Area Network)

Wireless LAN transmits using radio frequencies ,so that they are regulated by the same legal regulation that govern other radio transmitters such as HAM radios.The Federal Communication Commissin (FCC) regulates the wireless LAN devices’ use of the RF spectrum.Meanwhile, the institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) define standards for how RF tranasmissions can be used to carry data.Several accepted operational standards and drafts in the United States have been created and maintained by the IEEE.

Tips for Succeeding on the CWNA Examination

Students taking a test at the University of Vi...Students taking a test at the University of Vienna at the end of the summer term 2011.
• Take advantage of the CWNA practice exam so you wil be familiar with the types of questions that you will see on the real exam.
• Arrive at least 15 minutes before than your scheduled exam time, and prefarably 30 minutes early,so you can relax and review your study one at least.
• Read every question very carefully.
• Do not leave any unanswered questions. These count against your score.

Once you have completed the CWNA exam, you will be provided with a complete Examination Score Repot, whoich shows your pass/fail status section by section.Your test scores are sent to planet3 Wireless,Inc.within ten working days.If you pass the exam,you will receive a CWNA certificate and awelcome email with your CWNP ID number within three weeks.
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