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Top five overseas destinations for telecom professionals

Once upon a time, Telecom jobs was most prestigious job compared to the others engineering jobs. But day by day telecom professionals are losing values due to extreme cost cutting formulas adopted by the big telecom giants across the globe. For this kind of scenarios, the most significant reason   is massive engagement of manpower vendor in telecommunication industry; usually manpower vendor called third party or Sub-con. Actually they are broker! They are continuously putting pressure on professional on behalf of employer about their salary and remuneration issues by the name of recruitment negotiations and finally they will offer you a contractual position with disreputable condition list. Most of the countries in Asia and Africa, there is no standard pay scale or payment policy for telecom professionals.  But situation is not similar for all countries or region. There are few countries said to be heaven for telecom professionals and they propose significant number of jobs for overseas telecom professionals. Please checks bellow the list of countries or regions:

1.       Scandinavian region.
2.       North American region.
3.       Middle East region.
4.        Asia pacific region.
5.       Western European region.
Telecom professionals ready to be sold

Scandinavian region:  There are four countries in Scandinavian region; these are Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden. They have highest mobile and internet penetration rate.  Actually in today’s mobile communication industries, there is a big contribution of Scandinavian countries. Scandinavian regional countries offers significant numbers of telecom jobs for global telecom professionals for network deployment, operation, maintenance and research. But to grab a Scandinavian job you need at least a bachelor degree from reputed Scandinavian university, also you need a valid work permit to work in Scandinavian region.

North American Region:  Actually USA and Canada are two big telecom giants in North American region. Annually, they also offer a huge number of jobs.  But most of them are contractual position, to do job in USA you need a valid work permit, also North American countries offer skill migrants program, in which Telecom professionals are prioritized. 

M2M regional revenue graph

Middle East Region: Middle East region is said be real dreamland for Telecom professional, actually in Middle East Telecom job market more than eighty percent of the total employees are hired from abroad. Here is a big crowd of telecom professional from India, Pakistan, Iran, Palestine, Russia and Bangladeshi nationals are most common. Flexible work permit, high scale payments and benefits attracts global best talented telecom professionals to work in Middle East region. Actually they offer jobs in all sectors of Telecommunication, including networks, sales and business. The flowing countries which are extensively offer jobs for overseas telecom employees are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and United States of Emirates (UAE) etc.

Asia pacific region:  Actually Asia Pacific region may be categorized as highly telecom infrastructure developed countries, Semi developed countries, under development countries. Highly telecom infrastructure developed countries in Asia pacific region are South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. They offer significant number of Telecom professionals and research personals. In recent time Japan offers huge number of LTE professionals for nationwide LTE infrastructure development. Australia also gives priorities for telecom professional as a skill migrant. If you have minimum two years working experience in a multinational organization, you can apply for Australia as skill migrants. Of course you should have an undergraduate bachelor degree or post graduate degree with a professional IELTS (Score should be 7 plus).
Telecom Business Professionals

Western European Region: First concern is to work in Western Europe is a valid work permit. If you’ve a valid work permit, you will get a lot of opportunities there. Without a valid work permit working in Western Europe is strictly prohibited and it’s not so easy managing a work permit in Western Europe. To grab a work permit you can took a consultancy from professional placement service provider. But they will charge you considerable amount of money and the process is terrific time consuming.  Sometimes it takes ten months to twenty months for a single application.

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