Radio Frequency Engineering

802.11 Network Implementation

21% question associated with the Almost 802.11 Network Implementation 802.11 Protocols and devices include the flowing:
4.1 802.11 Network Design, Implementation, and Management
6.1.1 Identify technology roles for which wireless LAN technology is appropriate
o Corporate data access and end user mobility
o Network extension to remote areas
o Building to building connectivity-Bridging
o Last-mile data delivery – Wireless ISP
o Mobile office networking
o Educational / class room use
o Industrial –warehousing and manufacturing
o Healthcare – Hospital and Offices
o Hotspots – Public network Access
4.2 802.11 Network Troubleshooting
6.2.1 Identify and explain how to solve the flowing wireless LAN implementation challenges
o Multipath
o Hidden Nodes
o Near/Far
o Narrowband and wideband RF Interference
o System Throughput
o Co-channel and Adjacent-channel Interference