Radio Frequency Engineering

802.11 Protocols and Devices

802.11 Protocol Architecture
Almost 14% question associated with the 802.11 Protocols and devices. 802.11 Protocols and devices include the flowing:
Summarize the processes involved in authentication and association

• The 802.11 State Machine.
• Open System and Shared Key Authentication.
• Association, Reassociation, and Disassociation.
• Deauthintication.
• Shared Keys.
• Certificates and PACs.
3.1.2 Define, describe, and apply the following concepts associated wireless LAN service sets
• Roaming.
Infrastructure Mode.
Ad Hoc Mode.
3.1.3 Explain and apply the flowing power management feature of wireless LANs
PSP Mode
• CAM Mode
3.2. 802.11 MAC & PHY Layer Technologies
3.2.1. Describe and apply the flowing concepts surrounding wireless LAN frames
• 802.11 Frame Format vs. 802.3 Frame Format
Layer-3 Protocol Support by 802.11 Frames
3.2.2 Identify methods describes in the 802.11 standard for locating and maintaining connectivity with an 802.11 Wireless LAN
• Active Scanning(Probes)
• Passive Scanning(Beacons)
• Dynamic Rate Selection
3.2.3 Define, describe and apply 802.11 modes and features available for moving data traffic across the RF medium
• CSMA/CA vs. CSMA/CD protocols
• RTS/CTS and CTS-to-Self protocols
• Fragmentation
• Wireless Multimedia (WMM) certification
3.3 Wireless LAN Infrastructure and Client Devices
3.3.1 Identify the purpose of the following wireless LAN infrastructure devices and describe how to install, configure, secure, and manage them
• Access Point
• Wireless LAN Bridges
• Wireless LAN Switches
• PoE Injectors and PoE-enabled Switches
• Residential Wireless Gateways
• Enterprise Wireless Gateways
• Enterprise Encryption Gateways
• Wireless LAN Routes
• Remote Office Wireless Switches
• Wireless LAN Mesh Routers

3.3.2 Describe the purpose of the following wireless LAN client devices and explain how to install, configure, secure, and manage them
USB, CB and SD Devices.
• Serial and Ethernet Converters
• PCI and Mini-PCI Cards
• Card Adapters
• Wireless workgroup Bridges