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How to Calculate Call Setup Time in GSM or WCDMA

Please follow the flowing procedure to calculate call setup time (GSM or WCDMA):

  Exporting Log files:

  • Export the log files in Text file mode with flowing event "setup time (Total,MT)",which is included call attempt, call initiation, call setup, ringing, call established. During the export select only dedicated mode mobile station (MS). Let us consider, you have used three mobile station (MS) during the entire test; in which Mobile station -1 (MS1) was in idle mode, Mobile station -2 (MS2) was in dedicated mode short call, Mobile station -3 (MS3) was in dedicated mode long call. you should select MS2 during the export from log files (Call setup time.log) to text file format as Call setup time.FMT.
  • Please follow the flowing steps: 
First open your TEMS investigation data collection software, then go the "Logfiles" tab and select "Export Logfiles". 
After that you will see a mini window in TEMS investigation by the name "Export Logfile", then press "shift + A" after pressing "shift + A" you will see another window by the name "Add Export Order"; then go to "Format tab" select "text file". 
Just right site of "Format" bar you will see a button "setup"click on this button, you will see another window by the name "Export to text file". 
In this window you will see two tab one is "Information Elements" another is "Option". By default "Information Elements" tab will be opened. Here you will see a selection button "Available IEs", Now you've to select WCDMA/GSM, if you collect Logfiles from GSM network you've to select GSM, or if you collect Logfiles from WCDMA network you've to select WCDMA. Please check the reference photo is given bellow.
How to export log file with TEMS investigation

Now from the selection list select "Call setup time (total,MT)" and double click on it, it will be displaced from left side window to right site window. then double click on the "Call setup time (total,MT)" in right site window and you will see a another window by the name IE settings.
You will see a selection button by the name "mobile". Select MS2 or the mobile used to collect Logfiles of short call. Then press "OK". In "Export to text file" window also press "OK".
Now in ""Add Export Order" window you have to select "input logfiles" from your PC's drive. Then Press "OK". By default exported file will be saved on your PC's Logfiles folder, default folder name will be "Export".  Please check the reference photo is given bellow.
How to extract selective mobile station (MS) data from log files

Convert the exported file

  • Convert the exported file (Call setup time.FMT) file to (Call setup time.xls) file and save it as call setup time.xls file or MS Excel 1997-2003 workbook. Right click on the exported file then go to "Open with" then go to the Microsoft Excel.
  • Then go the first row of call setup time short and filter this row.
                   - Then go the "message type" column select only "Altering" (WCDMA) and "connect"(GSM),.
                  - After that go to the "Event Name" column then select only "call setup" or "Call established"
                   - By the finishing of above procedure you will got raw data for "Call setup time" calculation.
                  - Then copy the above data in a new excel file or sheet.

  • Select the column "Event Info", then click to Microsoft Excel "Data Tab", then click "Text to column", then select "Dilimited" and convert the data into appropriate format.
Escalation of calculative data from raw data

  • For Delimitation process use tab, space, coma, semicolon as a separator, our intention is to separate numerical value  from the text.

  • Then arrange the data into appropriate format, like  MO call setup time and user setup time, separate the time unit (ms). In a single row please keep only numerical values.

Organized data for call setup time calculation

  • Then go to sub column "Time" calculate the average MO call setup time and also "user setup time". User setup time is generally a time which requires the user to peak up the incoming call. If the call is peaked up by manually no need to calculate "user setup time". In this case calculate only "MO call setup time" and average value of "MO call setup time is the actual call setup time. For this type of case formula will be:
          - Call Setup time = MO Call setup time/ total number of samples
  • If incoming call is peaked by the automatically predefined system then calculate the both " MO call setup time" and "user call setup time". For this type of case formula will be:
          - Call Setup time=(Avg.Value of MO Call Setup time+ Avg value of user setup time)/2

Tools for call setup calculation:

  •  TEMS  Investigation (data collection software).

    • Mapinfo professional (minimum version 8.5 scp)

      • Microsoft excel (calculation and data arrangement)

Caution:Never try to manipulate any data, because frame number is included with Exported file and in Raw data, so customer can trace you at any time.

    Note: This procedure is only applicable for TEMS Investigation data collection software.

    If you fell any difficulties during the practice session never fell hesitate to knock me.
    Thanks By
    Hassan Imam