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RF Planning and Optimization VIVA question part-2

Figure: Photo of Radio Base Station

Answer: Panoramic view is the 360 degree view of a given point or point of interest. We often need to know the surroundings of a proposed wireless site or existing due to fresh installation, expansion or swap. Because we need to declare the cell azimuth of site on the basis of traffic potentiality, hence we can make a good assumption from the panoramic view about the potential traffic.
  • What do you know about TSS ? Describe in brief.
Answer: TSS means for Technical Site Survey. TSS deals with the existing site information like radio parameter,radio equipment,power equipment, system configuration, cable length, Type of site etc. In TSS there is some mandatory data also like site coordinate, site address, site view, site access information etc.

Answer: RF (Radio frequency) antenna parameter includes height of antenna, azimuth of antenna, Electrical tilting, mechanical tilting, type and size of antenna, TMA (Tower mounted amplifier) information, RRU (Radio remote unit) information, feeder cable issues (Type, length and size) etc.
  • What is LOS, write down few names of LOS tools.
Answer: LOS means for Line of Sight. It's important due to Microwave Planning and for a successful microwave link you should have to confirm that LOS is clear.
List of few LOS survey Tools:
• Binoculars (10 kms and more)) with compass built in
Magnetic compass
Digital camera
• Heliographic Mirror (Optional)
• Digital Inclinometer
• Digital altimeter (barometric)
• Digital stop watch
• Measuring Tape 100mts
Mobile handset
• Safety kit etc.

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